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Deep61Posted at 2018-04-12 10:21:52(49 wks ago)     2
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Calibre is a very handy and free ebook management program. You can use it to make a library, but it also give you the opportunity to do multiple things with your ebooks like converting to another format, edit metadata/cover, merge with other books and remove DRM.

Calibre can be downloaded here (click on the logo):

Adding ebooks:

The easiest way is to copy the ebook/ebooks directly from your file to Calibre. You can do this by clicking with the left mousebutton on the ebook/ebooks you want to add. Drag it/them to Calibre while you press the left mouse button down.

Using Calibre button:
Click on the "Add books" button to select the books you want to add. Go to the file where the books are, select them and click on open.

Or use one of the options in the drop down menu of the "Add books" button.

Editing metadata:

Metadata contains info about the ebook like title, author, publisher, date of publishing and a summary of the ebook. Ereaders and readers on tablets/phones/pc's can display this info. With Calibre you can change and/or edit metadata of a book.

Edit metadata of one book:
To access the metadata of 1 ebook, click on the "Edit metadata" button.

A window will pop up where you can edit the metadata.

Edit metadata of multiple ebooks:
You can also edit the metadata of ebooks in bulk.

Download metadata and/or bookcover for multiple ebooks:

You can let Calibre download the metadata online and add it to the ebooks.

You can ask Calibre to download the metadata, the bookcovers or both metadata and bookcovers. Afterwards you can check the downloaded data and decide if you want to add it to the books or discard it.

Convert ebooks:

Link to separate tutorial: click here.

Read ebook with Calibre:

Select the book you want to read by clicking with the left mouse button on the title and click on the "view" button to read the ebook with Calibre.

Or double click with the left mouse button on the ebook you want to read.

The ebook will open in a new window.

Saving ebooks to an ereader/file/etc:

To save one or more ebooks to a device or file, select the ebook or ebooks. They will show blue. Click on the drop down menu next to "Save to disc" and choose how to save the ebook/ebooks.

Standard Calibre will save all ebook in a separate files with the name of the writer. If you want to save all ebooks in one file, choose "Save to disc in a single directory". I have my Calibre setup to save epub, so it also offers to save all epub's in a single directory.

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nisu99 Posted at 2018-04-12 11:20:16(49 wks ago)     0
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great info about Calibre

WiscGuyPosted at 2018-05-14 19:33:45(45 wks ago)     1

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:nerd Thanks for this! :nerd Have been using Calibre as a reader for awhile now. Only recently started needing its other features .


SweetSkunkPosted at 2019-03-16 01:49:35(1 wk ago)     0
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