What will 2017-2018 reserve for us by Vofuse

   From 2015 and until now many things happened in the hardware/gadget area. New CPUs architecture, new GPUs architecture, DDR4, VR and much more. But what about software area? Yes there where many good games out there released and even professional applications but they are any good?
   Adobe is updating their cloud package software constantly, better and better. Autodesk, Pixologic and Microsoft too. But what about the lack of cracked software? Pixologic updated ZBrush  to 4R8 and no torrent appeared by now. And that's not the only example. Software is less and less pirated, everyone is focusing on cracking games. Does it really matter? As I told you these 2 years many new games came out. Unfortunately, optimised games are a rarity. Only Witcher 3, DOOM and Rise of The Tomb Raider are in my opinion. Why not crack the others if you can and the big studios don't even care to optimise their games for PCs. Also they want to increase console games market sharing which is a stupid way of doing things. This have to change right now!
   I even heard of people talking about how advanced are consoles and how old are PCs. It's the opposite bro! You think console games run better? Not really... Consoles still lack of good and latest gen components and so the studios are optimising the game for at least 30 fps and medium-high settings. Why do you think you can't change video settings on a console game? They want to manipulate you and not showing you the sad truth. And that's not all.  That games run 30 fps because of the optimisations. Playing on a console connected to a TV and with a gamepad results in a huge frametime and they are trying to reduce this as low as possible.
   What I'm trying to say is that hardware is as it's sweet spot, silicon reaching it's limit and more and more transistors being implemented. So there is a huge imbalance between hardware and software. Now software is bottlenecking the components and more and more guys with little programming knowledge are developing software. I think 2017 will be a huge step in humanity and we will see some great engines and drivers.


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WWT high speed comic bot ;)

The games situation you mention reminds me of the the 'battle' between the Amiga and the PC back in late 1980s - early 1990s.
The Amiga was the far better machine, a standard A1200(32-bit) had just 2MB RAM and a processor running at around 12 GHz but was far better at handling the excellent new Advanced Graphics Architecture it had available - it was the better machine for gaming than the PC and with the addition of the awesome video toaster© became industry tool for CGI seen in TV shows including Babylon 5 - even at 14Ghz it was more than a match for a PC running at 33MHz with 4MB RAM - even the Amiga A1200 predecessors the A500 and A500+ both 7GHz were better prospects for home use and could out do the PC in many areas - the gaming industry for the most part reflected this with the far better games featuring bleeding edge graphics being available for Amiga machines - I worked in the games industry in the early 1990s and the Amiga games were always the ones we looked forwards to - PC games were pretty boxy and run-of-the-mill in comparison.
Priced at £299 the Amiga A1200 was the far better starting platform for anyone wanting a computer for home use with some 386 33MHz PCs being available at around $3000 - people were nowhere near as tech savvy as they are nowadays and that and the fact the PC was the business machine of choice the coming release of windows making the PC easier to use in the home meant that the Amiga A1200 even though it was the better machine in so many areas ended up being the final 'major' machine release for Commadore - the company folded soon after and the PC having became the dominant force in computing became unstoppable - reading this blog it now looks like things have gone full circle, only now the PC is in the position of the Amiga all those years ago - at least as far as gaming goes. Unlike the Amiga all those years ago - the PC will be here for many many years to come.

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